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DLocal Limited
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360 payments technology platform for mass online payments and payouts in emerging markets across Latin America, APAC, Middle East and Africa.
Founded: 2016
Co-Founder: Sebastian Kanovich
CEO: Sebastián Kanovich  
Sector: Information
Industry: Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
Next Earnings Date: 2023-08-22
Stock price: $17.095 (+0.27%)

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Date: 2023-12-08, O: 16.89, H: 17.39, L: 16.83, C: 17, Volume: 662,316
20MA: 17.8050MA: 18.13100MA: 17.97
9.7012.8916.0919.2822.4825.67-0.54-0.050.440.931.421.91Jun 2023JulAugSepOct 2023NovDecMACD (26, 12): -0.35, Signal (9): -0.27, Divergence: -0.08
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