The Stock Research Platform for Small Investors 🧑

You can also use the stock screener to find your growth and value plays. You're also encouraged to check out my other site Finallyweb to learn more about stock investing related terminologies. Go check it out!

20 years of free data:

We offer 20 years of financial statements as well as many public information for free, allowing you to gain better visibility into a company.
Stock Screener:

Our stock screener gives you a quick visualization based on combinations of technical analysis and fundamental analysis that serves as an entry point for your stock research journey.
Backtest Stock Price:

Our backtesting tool allows you to go back in time and manually test your stock trades on the daily, weekly or monthly charts, candle by candle. You can explore various types of trading strategies with respect to different types of stocks.
Stock alerts:

We monitor a list of companies that we believe are winners in the software space and alert you when the price moves close to or away from key price levels.
Better visibility:

Additionally, we offer company insider trading information to provide you with valuable insights into the actions of insiders regarding the company.