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DoorDash, Inc
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DoorDash, Inc. operates a logistics platform that connects merchants, consumers, and dashers in the United States and internationally. It operates DoorDash marketplace, which provides an array of services that enable merchants to solve mission-critical challenges, such as customer acquisition, deliv...
Founded: 2013
IPO Price: $102 (Dec 09, 2020)
CEO: Tony Xu  
Sector: Communication Services
Industry: Internet Content & Information
Next Earnings Date: 2023-08-03
Stock price: $98.97 (+2.19%)

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DASH - Daily
Date: 2023-12-08, O: 99, H: 100.73, L: 97.46, C: 99.99, Volume: 4,300,505
20MA: 94.2450MA: 84.53100MA: 83.10
65.2873.0880.8888.6896.48104.28-1.82-0.500.812.123.434.74Jun 2023JulAugSepOct 2023NovDecMACD (26, 12): 3.76, Signal (9): 3.82, Divergence: -0.06
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