Their business model might work out eventually if we are heading into a crypto future.

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   May 30, 2023

Legend has it that if you buy a share of $sq every time it drops, you would run out of money very quickly.

And now I know it is fully possible to have stocks that go nowhere even when you're in a bull market, potentially.

That's said, Square mentioned in their earnings call that they have 13(?) revenue streams with over 100m in annualized gross profit each. Also, Cash App gives you almost 1b gross profit each quarter and is growing. That is a lot! It's just those are facts and is already priced in, so the overall earnings call is unimpressive. However, it might be a good idea to add some while the overall market valuations is moving up and away quickly when their valuation is not astronomically high when compared to stuff like semi or saas.

Besides, they already have blockchain in their internal ledgers stuff, and if we're heading into a future where everyone can transact with crypto, and then maybe this one might work out ok in the very long term. Their fundamentals have actually quickly improved in the past few quarters actually.

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